LM Series, LoudMouth Wireless PA System



The LoudMouth wireless PA system is an ideal solution anywhere a hard-wired PA is either too expensive or is simply impossible to install.

Get your message to everyone . . . from plant-wide to small pinpoint areas using your business band radio system. It even works with radio repeaters for extended coverage. New features provide enhanced value: Optional strobe light provides visual alerting; Automatic Message Repeat function allows re-broadcast of message up to 4 times.

Position independent wireless receiver/PA speakers anywhere you need them. A cost-effective replacement for broken or worn-out hard-wired PA systems.

Wireless technology provides a cost-effective and flexible way to provide Public Address/Mass Notification coverage across your entire facility or to isolated pinpoint locations.

  • Rugged, Industrial-Grade VHF/UHF business band receiver. Compatible with other analog business band 2-way radios.
  • Business Band Frequencies. Models include: VHF 150-165MHz (includes 5 MURS license-free business use only frequencies) or UHF, 450-470MHz.
  • Built-in 8 Watt PA amplifier*
  • Indoor/outdoor rated PA loudspeaker with mounting bracket.
  • LM receiver housed in gasket-sealed, measures 7″ H x 5″ W x 3″ D, 2lbs.
  • Includes wall mounting bracket. Optional LMH-100 enclosure for outdoors or harsh environments.
  • Field Programmable Privacy Codes (digital and analog) Choose from 153 possible codes for added PA security access
  • Field Programmable “Paging Codes” Select 1 of 9 different “paging codes” for added PA security access
  • Volume Settings allows “best-fit” for a variety of applications
  • “LIVE” PA mode or Record-And-Play mode, configurable. Note: Record-and-Play operation recommended for use of maximum number of product features.
  • Automatic Message Repeat* Feature – Repeats message from 1 to 4 times consecutively when LM recevier in Record-And-Play mode.
  • Visual Alert Option – Built-in relay allows use of an optional strobe light – provides advance visual indication of an incoming PA message.
  • “Custom” Configuration via PC Programming – Can also be PC programmed using special Ritron programming software to “custom” frequencies or even radio repeaters.
  • Loud Audio Output – PA horn speaker delivers up to 85dB of audio output @ 50 feet to get your message out loud and clear.
  • Security Feature – 9 Auto Speaker Reset Selections (5 seconds up to 4 minutes). After receiver is successfully paged a pre-set timer will begin to countdown. A valid radio signal must be received before the receiver re-sets.
  • LM Receiver Supports Up To 2 PA Speakers – With optional “Y” adapter (#RYCONN) and 1 additional PA speaker (#05500040), LM receiver can provide multi-direction PA  coverage.
  • Multi-Zone Paging Capability Multiple paging zones can be configured using 2-tone codes. Allows properly configured 2-way radios to access more than one PA speaker/zone. • Operating Temperature: -22º F to +140º F
  • Receiver sensitivity – .20uV @12dB SINAD • Frequency Response: 300 to 3000 Hz de-emphasized
  • Signaling Capability – CTCSS and DCS decode, 2-Tone Decode
  • Optional Back-up Battery – #BP-LM-Li22
  • Designed and Made in the USA

*Receiver is indoor rated only. Install in no-corrosive environments, away from the elements. See optional LMH-100 weatherproof housing for outdoor or other potentially corrosive environments.